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Lesson #51 - Have a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Posted by Maryam Garba on

I just got back from Virginia where I attended the "Women Mean Business" entrepreneurial and leadership conference. While so many awesome things happened over the weekend, the highlight for me was probably receiving an entrepreneurship award from the founders of the conference. I shared my joy over receiving this award with my mentor (who also happened to be the person who nominated me for the award) and she said, "...Clear out your mantle piece Maryam because this is only the first of many more awards to come!". This experience reminded me of how important it is to surround one's self with mentors that believe in you. The support of a mentor is priceless especially at the beginning of one's career when there is still a great deal of uncertainty. I was so inspired by the words of my mentor that I played it forward and reached out to one of my star mentees who is doing amazing work on immigration policy in DC just to remind her of how much I believe in her! 
PS - I have some BIG announcements coming up for MG, LLC over the next few weeks. Watch this space! 

My Mentor and I
My mentee and I

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