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Lesson #56 - "Greatness takes time!"

Posted by Maryam Garba on

I just got a picture from one of the top Maryam Garba LLC clients of all times, singer & poet, Offiong Bassey. This picture of Offiong in her custom, gold, Ada suit means so much to me because at the time I created this piece for her, I was only able to produce one garment at a time. I wasn't manufacturing yet and yet Offiong was one of the first 7 clients who still placed an order with Maryam Garba LLC (before we even had a website). Seeing this picture reminded me of how far Maryam Garba LLC has come and how we're manufacturing now. I'm learning that greatness is a PROCESS. You can't rush the process but you can fall in love with it. I'm choosing to fall in love with the process because moments like this remind me of how far Maryam Garba LLC has come and encourages me to keep on going! I love you Offiong! Thank you!

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