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Lesson # 60 - The Power of Small Beginnings

Posted by Maryam Garba on

The first fashion show I ever did was for the Stanford African Students Association when Victoria Araromi asked me if I could put together a small collection since we had no budget to bring in an outside designer. At the time I had little resources so I would rush home after classes and sew all night. I even had to recruit friends and family i.e. Chinonye Okoli Anyaene to model for me (lol!). Nevertheless, this show opened the door to other shows and dozens of fashion shows later, I am excited to be on to the next level of fashion shows... African Fashion Week Chicago and Chicago Fashion Week are coming up in quick succession over the next several weeks so I would love for you all to go on to and purchase your tickets. I'm planning to unveil a few new surprises for the fall at both shows!!!






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