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Lesson #63 - How Do You Know It's Time ?

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Three years ago, I met a girl called Winnie on Alibaba. She was 22 years old from a small town in rural China and had just graduated from a technical college in Guangzhou. She had just started work at a factory in Guangzhou and was prospecting for new clients on Alibaba. 

I connected with her, spoke with her a few times, sent her my samples and then took the leap...I wired money to her to manufacture my product and about 6 weeks later I got a box of my dresses back in the US. That was the start of a business relationship I'm deeply thankful for today. 

Over the last 3 years, Winnie has been a firm advocate for my company and my products. She ensures that my products are always produced in a timely manner even when the factory has larger orders, she handles fabric sourcing and international shipping in a timely and effortless manner and is proactive in helping me solve unexpected manufacturing challenges including dealing with a major batch of a products that was produced in the wrong color. Despite the fact that I've never been to China, Winnie ran my account as though I was. After going through multiple other manufacturing relationships that didn't work out, finding Winnie has become one of the critical assets of my business. As my business with her has grown, so has her success at her factory. 

As I am now getting ready to expand into a new phase of my life where Maryam Garba LLC expands into Nigeria, I knew that it was finally time for me to invest deeper into this relationship with Winnie. So I decided to finally make the trip to China. I booked my ticket and in true Winnie style, she reserved a hotel room for me and borrowed a car from her friend so she can pick me up at the airport when I arrive in Guangzhou on Sunday night

Many people have asked me lately why I'm going to China and how now is the time to go. I'm going to China for one major reason... Winnie. 

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  • Maryam, Met you is my happyness time in my work time! You are my first customer like a friend, like an elder sister to help me grow up also.

    I believe your dream will come true in near future.
    You are a fantastic designer!!

    It’s my happyness time to talked with you everyday on whats app. No matter, on the way/bus/office/bed…
    I really learned many things from you. From your hard working,your attitude to each customers, your persistence and perseverance spirit and ect. All of these things are inspire & touched me.

    Maryam,I knew sometime we had argument. unhappy on business. Sometimes, I made mistake and let you disappointed.
    Thank you very much for your tolerance! Thanks my friends.

    I believe that one day,I will buy tickets visit to America/Nigeria—-The major reason is Maryam.

    The Thanksgiving Day is Coming!!
    Best wish for you,your family,your partners…
    Thank you so much for all the support and tolerance!

    winnie on

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