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Lesson #2 - Keep on moving!

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Today I learned another important lesson about business. When I woke up this morning, I looked outside the window as far as the eye could see and noticed that Lake Michigan was completely frozen! However as I was walked downtown, I noticed that River Chicago was perfectly fine and flowing as usual. How could it be that the Lake, which is by far larger than the river was completely frozen while the river was doing just fine in the sub zero weather of Chicago? The answer is this: The lake is huge so it sits still in one place thinking it never has to work, but the river knowing its small size continues to work, and ripple by ripple it achieves its flow. 

The business lesson here is this: 'no matter how big you are, if you stop moving you're going to die out, and no matter how small you are, if you keep moving, you will survive!'

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  • Thanks Peace! Looking forward to working together

    Maryam Garba on

  • Beautifully analyzed ..inspired

    Peace Udechukwu on

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