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Lesson #4 - Life happens gradually!

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Two weeks ago, I delivered a custom dress in person to one of the top Maryam Garba, LLC clients,Offiong Bassey in Boston. Offiong wore the dress to her performance last night, and she received so many compliments on it from her guests and fans! But I believe I received the best compliment. When I saw the picture of Offiong in her dress, it reminded me of the 6 months it took to put the dress together. Offiong wanted a world class dress with materials sourced from both the US and Nigeria. In fact, at one point during the creative process, she and I almost gave up on creating this dress because putting it together was too difficult and it was taking too long, but somehow we persisted. Thanks to our persistence, Offiong looked absolutely amazing at her performance last night and her fans loved her look! Lessons learned – Entrepreneurial life happens gradually. There are very few successes on the path to entrepreneurial success that happen in one fell swoop. No one begins with a perfect idea, but it’s the little improvements that we make to our ideas along the way that eventually bring success. Congratulations Offiong! 

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