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Lesson #8 - All the good that lies ahead

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Last week Friday I learned an important lesson about why its important to keep moving forward with our dreams. I received a pleasant email from facebook that read, "Congratulations on reaching 600 likes on your facebook page Maryam Garba Designs. Here's a $50 ad coupon to get you started with advertising on facebook!". This email totally made my day! Why? Because no one ever told me when I started my facebook page that facebook rewards you with a $50 ad coupon when you get to 600 likes(they probably only started that recently), but I only found out about it because I got there. If I had quit the facebook page before I got to 600 likes, I would have never gotten the ad coupon. I feel like enterprenuerial life is exactly like this. No one can exactly tell you what lies ahead but there are little nuggets of success that you will arrive upon only if you keep moving that will remind you that you're on the right path!

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