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Lessons in #26 - See the Big Picture, but focus on the next step

Posted by Maryam Garba on

"See the big picture, but focus all your energy on the next step." Yesterday, I learned another important lesson about fashion entrepreneurship from half marathon training. My running partner and I ran 7 miles and we did this at an average speed of 9 minutes and 54 seconds which was a full minute shorter than our average time from the week before. The difference was that last week, we focused on the full distance we needed to run and we were overwhelmed and resultantly slower. This week, we focused on just taking the next step and putting all our energy into that next step. What I learned from this was that the way to run a marathon (or handle a big task) is to focus all your energy on the next step. If you spend your time all your time thinking about the many miles ahead of you, you'll be discouraged by the size of the task but if you focus all your energy and strength into the next step, you'll handle that step very well and you'll move much faster than you realize.

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