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Lesson #28 - "If you stick with the vision, growth is inevitable"

Posted by Maryam Garba on

"If you stick with the vision, growth is inevitable". I am happy to announce that the largest Maryam Garba LLC shipment order to date just came in! I just received 200 units (the largest # of units I have ever ordered) from my manufacturers. It's 200 units of pure Maryam Garba LLC, summer clothing goodies which I hope will make lots of stylish and fashionable women very happy! I have been carefully working my way through the boxes and mailing out different sets of orders. But even with all the excitement of finally seeing the summer collection come to life, I also think back fondly to this time last year when I picked up a shipment of 20 units and I felt so happy! It's exciting to think that in a short while, Maryam Garba LLC will be shipping out 2,000 units and then 20,000 units all the way up to infinity!!! What I'm learning through all this is that if you stick with the vision and dreams you have, growth will surely come. Every day that we devote ourselves to our pursuing and fulfilling our dreams brings us closer to who we were really created to be and growth is a just a confirmation that you're on the right path!


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