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Lesson #31 - Don't Let The Hailstones Stop You

Posted by Maryam Garba on

This morning I tried to go for a run at 6:45am and it was raining hailstones outside, so I decided to clean up my bedroom while waiting for the rain to stop. At 7:45am, I attempted to go out running again, but it was still pouring hailstones outside. So instead I caught up on the phone with a dear friend while still waiting for the rain to stop. Finally, at 8:30am the rain had finally stopped and the sun came out and I was able to go out and enjoy a nice 4 mile run as part of my half-marathon training. This reminded me of something very important. Sometimes when we set a goal, life sends us hailstones. The hailstones are not there to stop us, just there to test our commitment. I've been working on getting Maryam Garba LLC garments into stores for the last couple of weeks and I've been encountering some hailstones in making this happen. But just yesterday, I got my first call back from a boutique in Chicago and they placed their first order to have some Maryam Garba LLC pieces in their store! I guess it was worth waiting for the hailstorm to pass! (Here is a picture of me finally being able to leave the house for my run. You almost wouldn't believe it was raining hailstones just a few minutes before)

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