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Lesson #33 - There will be help along the way

Posted by Maryam Garba on

"There will be help along the way." Training for my Chicago half marathon is simultaneously teaching me a lot about fashion entrepreneurship. While my running partner and I were out on our 10-mile training run, I started to slow down right around the 4-mile mark because I was starting to get tired. All of a sudden, a group of about 20 seasoned runners emerged from behind us and started to overtake us. They successfully transferred their energy to us and rather than slow down, my running partner and I ended up speeding up for the rest of the practice as we worked to keep up pace with them. What I learned from this is that God always sends us help from unexpected places to help us keep going even when we think we can't. We just need to be sensitive enough to recognize the helpers He is sending along the way and to embrace them.

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