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Lesson #38 - "Find Mentors Who Believe in You"

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Over the last 3 weeks, I have been doing a fair bit of traveling and as a result away from my home church in Chicago. However, in order to make sure I didn't get too disconnected from the sermons, I made sure to stream the services online. Imagine my joy and surprise, while I was streaming one of the services and I saw my Pastor's wife came on stage wearing her Maryam Garba Onyi dress! Even though I wasn't in the service in person that day, the joy of seeing her in that dress made me really happy because she has been one of my biggest fans and supporters from the day I shared my dreams about being a designer with her! I'm learning thats its important to share your dreams with mentors that can nurture them and guide you along the right path. If you share your dreams with the right people, your dreams will come to life!

Here is a picture of lovely Pastor Debo wearing her MG "Onyi" dress! 

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