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Lesson #40 - Record and Celebrate the Milestones Along the Way

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Last week, one of my clients Peace Udechukwu was driving around in Chicago and she happened to randomly stop by a Chicago boutique (3SA Boutique in Beverly, Chicago) just to check out their pieces. Imagine her pleasant surprise when she walked into the store and saw the Maryam Garba LLC Onyi dress on display at the store as the item of the week! She texted me saying, 'OMG! Look what I just found in the store!' And I texted back saying 'Next time you see a Maryam Garba dress hanging in a store, it will be in Nordstroms'! When you believe that amazing things are coming your way, amazing things will surely happen to you. Just always remember to take a moment to record and celebrate the milestones to remind yourself that you're on the right path!

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