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Lessons #41 - "Life makes sense when you look backwards"

Posted by Maryam Garba on

A few days ago, a top Maryam Garba LLC client Ọlámídè Ágúnlòyè pointed out to me that the acronym for "Lessons in Fashion Entrepreneurship" = LIFE!! I had never noticed this myself but I couldn't help but realize how true this is, especially for me. The lessons I share on this space and on my website are simply the lessons that God is teaching me everyday about the amazing life He created me to live. I started posting these lessons just to share a part of my fashion entrepreneurial journey with my friends and with the hope that the lessons I share might inspire someone to also dream big dreams and to have enough faith to move their life in the direction of their dreams. Now I realize that what I'm sharing is a lot more than just the lessons that fashion is teaching me. I am also sharing my LIFE lessons! I am now thinking that I will be turning "Lessons in Fashion Entrepreneurship, a.k.a. LIFE into a published book so I can share this journey with even more people! Thank you to everyone for being a part of my journey so far! This is only the beginning!

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