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Lesson #45 - "The View is Better From the Top"

Posted by Maryam Garba on

As my flight was leaving London for Chicago this morning, it was extremely foggy. It was so foggy I couldn't even see the ground at take off. But once we got to about 6,000 feet off the ground, I was surprised to find clear, blue, beautiful skies surrounding the plane. This made me wonder if life is like this. When we settle for living life at the bottom, we are surrounded by darkness, uncertainty and doubt. But when we push ourselves to rise to the next level, there is clarity, peace, beauty, and a strong sense of confidence. The nice thing about my flight today was that the plane didn't even have to get all the way up to the usual 40,000 feet cruising altitude for the beautiful skies to appear. The blue skies showed up once we got to 6,000 feet and they remained that way for the rest of the ascent upwards. What I'm learning from this is that even though I have not reached my ultimate destination yet, the blue skies will start to appear once I start pushing myself to rise to the the next level and thats very encouraging. As a result, I have decided no more bottom-foggy living for me. I definitely prefer the view from the top!

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