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Lesson #65 - Featured Post: Meeting The Talent Gap

Posted by Maryam Garba on

Maryam Garba LLC has recently started an expansion into Africa so this week, I'm featuring a guest post by my Mentor, Curtis Williams, Founder of Dunamis Partners where he talks about how he's navigating the Talent Gap on the African continent. 


The Talent Gap in Africa

Having recently just come back from visiting one of our portfolio companies in Zimbabwe, I was once again reminded of the talent gap on the African continent. After 3 years of investing in Africa, meeting the talent gap remains my most pressing challenge to this day.

In Zimbabwe, we find ourselves in constant recruitment mode often having to plan for up to 3 back up hires in certain roles to anticipate issues like incompetence, resignations and terminations. Only last week, I had an employee resign with only a day's notice because her friend who also worked at the company had resigned a few days earlier.

Without a doubt, there is a gap between the talent we want and what is available. When you ask for talent referrals in Zimbabwe, everyone tells me they can do the job. The real challenge however remains how to sort through the fluff to find real talent.

More to come…

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