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about maryam garba
Have you ever been that woman who cared a lot about looking good at work and you always felt like you were the only one in your office who did because everyone else showed up like they didn’t care? Well, welcome to Maryam Garba International! After being called the best dressed woman in her office for 5 years in Corporate America (sometimes we weren’t sure if that was a compliment), Maryam created Maryam Garba International, to get people excited about getting dressed for work!
At Maryam Garba International, we take the business of dressing for work very seriously! Our mission is to dress you for success through elegant and affordable clothing.
As a company, we exist to empower women for professional and personal success by creating elegant and affordable clothing.

We pride ourselves on our core values of:

  • Elegance – Creating clothing that makes you memorable by helping you stand out for the right reasons wherever you go. Elegance also means that we care deeply about quality.
  • Affordability – We don’t just want to create great fashion, we want to make sure that women can see themselves in our clothing. So we price our clothing affordably to make it within the price reach of the people who love out pieces.
  • Quality – We care deeply about creating excellent quality clothing at an affordable price!

Our vision is to become the leading brand for African professionals

Maryam's Story

Having always wanted to be an entrepreneur, Maryam turned her passion for fashion into a business after she joined corporate America and discovered that the required work clothes were too expensive for her fresh-out-of-college budget and they were boring! So she started Maryam Garba International to create affordable and stylish work wear that got women excited about getting dressed for work.

The Maryam Garba International brand embodies the designer’s own unique background and values. Having lived in world-class cities around the globe, earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Stanford and Harvard Universities, respectively and worked in fashion, medicine, education, consulting and brokerage, Maryam’s experiences inspired her to transform traditional business clothes into elegant and affordable designs that enable success. As the San Jose Press declared, her designs, “would no doubt look great on just about anyone.”

As an entrepreneur herself, Maryam is a strong proponent of entrepreneurship and has been engaged to speak on this topic by Chicago’s Booth School of Business, Kellogg School of Management, The Women Mean Business Network, Wesleyan University and the Ernst and Young Professionals Network. In 2014, she was the recipient of the Women Mean Business Entrepreneurship Award and was a finalist in Vogue Italia’s Designer Competition. She also received and Entrepreneurship recognition from Ernst and Young in 2015.

Maryam is also the founder of the Billionaire's Club, a non-profit organization that teaches people how to create wealth for impact.

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