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Adwoa, Reversible-Sleeve, African-Print Blazer

A warm and distinct, orange blazer, beautifully lined with an African Print interior and fold back sleeves and tailored to give your waist an incredibly flattering look!

Wear the sleeve on the Print Side or the Orange side! It's up to you. One thing we know is that either way you'll be the center of compliments! 

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Maryam Garba LLC ships within the US for a flat rate of $6.10 and to Canada for a flat rate of $18.65. Regular Orders are shipped out 1-5 Days after the order has been received via USPS Priority Tracked Mail. Please allow 1-3 Business Days after receiving shipping confirmation for your order to arrive.
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Return Policy
If you are not happy with your purchase, please email 
us on to let us know you will 
be sending the item back so we can look out for it.
All Returns should be mailed to:

ShipBob, Attn.: M. Garba,

2156 West Fulton Street, 
Chicago, IL 60612.

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Size Information
Maryam Garba dresses come in lots of different sizes, to help with that we have come up with a size chart that will help you figure out what the best size is for you. We can also send you measuring tape so you can take your measurements if you do not already know them.
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